The Borunda Law Firm, P.C

When most people think of lawyers they think of court rooms and law suits. Trial lawyers are often featured on television shows or movies. It is rare, however, to see or hear of transactional lawyers in popular culture.

Transactional lawyers are those who focus on drafting documents for various transactions and then negotiating contractual terms until all parties are satisfied. They work with clients on real estate transactions, business entity formation, lending transactions and negotiating settlements outside of court. These transactions are (more often than not) complex matters that require precise drafting, negotiation and revision.

The Borunda Law Firm, P.C. offers a wide variety of transactional representation for our clients. Our firm has attorneys with years of experience with all manner of transactional work such as:

General Transactional Work:

  • Draft Powers of Attorney
  • Draft Business Formation Documentation

Residential Real Estate:

  • Draft and Review purchase contracts–negotiate changes as needed
  • Review loan documents for purchase or refinance transactions
  • Review Title work to determine ownership and to resolve curative matters
  • Draft Private Road Maintenance Agreements
  • Draft Notes/Deed of Trusts to create Owelty Liens Secured by Homestead Property
  • Draft Review Mechanic’s Lien Documents

Commercial Real Estate:

  • Draft, Review and Negotiate Purchase and Sale Agreements and Addenda as requested
  • Draft Closing Instruction Letters/recommend Title Endorsements to Lender/Owner Policies
  • Draft Retail, Commercial, Warehouse, Industrial Leases
  • Draft subleases