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The Borunda Law Firm, P.C. represents clients in broad range of real estate disputes in Houston, leveraging our experience. Our real estate lawyers have successfully, handled claims related to the construction, sale, use and ownership of real estate. Our clients include individuals and businesses involved in legal disputes with their builders, developers, real estate brokers and appraisers.

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We have many years of experience and expertise in complex real estate matters.  Our attorneys at The Borunda Law Firm, P.C. handle everything from eminent domain condemnations to property tax protests to the use of easements and encroachments. Given our experience in personal injury and consumer protection cases, we have fought on behalf of both the defendant and plaintiff. This means we have experience in construction liability claims, disputes in purchase/sale, and covenant disputes.

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When representing a real estate client, we at The Borunda Law Firm, P.C. are happy to offer the convenience of resolving so many important commercial property dispute matters at one time, in one place with our excellent expertise and personal care.

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Real Estate Property Cases

Eminent Domain

City, county, state, and federal government entities have the power of eminent domain in seizing private property for the public good. Condemnation occurs when the government exercises its right to eminent domain. Eminent domain is the right that the government can utilize when it pays the landowners a fair price for their properties intended for the common good. An owner of property that has been condemned, or is under threat of condemnation, has the right to contest the government’s valuation of the property.

At The Borunda Law Firm, P.C., we will protect your legal rights for fair compensation for your residential or business property. We represent Houston property owners against city, county, state and federal governmental entities with the power of eminent domain.

Eminent Domain Issues

Eminent domain can affect you since “a reasonable price” for your property is always subjective. However, a property owner may not agree that the compensation offered is fair or sufficient. What this means is that you might not receive the full value of what your home or business property is worth.

Think about shopping for a car. The car-buyer wants to pay as little as possible for the car while the salesman wants to sell the car for as much as possible. The same is true for the government buying your property. For the I-45 Expansion, there are hundreds of Houstonians that will be affected by this freeway expansion project. Check out if you have property that might be affect by this multi-year, multi-million dollar construction project along I-45.

Eminent Domain Condemnations

The condemnation process is a legal proceeding between the government entity and the property owner to determine what is a fair price for the property. There is a court that manages the proceedings so the appropriate steps are followed by both sides. Even so, the condemnation process usually favors government entities over property owners. At The Borunda Law Firm, P.C., we can explain and simplify the entire condemnation proceedings so our clients receive the fair property price they are entitled to receive.

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Ensure that you and your family and/or business are getting the reasonable price, without the intimidation of property confiscation. This means legally contesting a property valuation that is lower than what you deserve.

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Commercial Misrepresentation

Living in a city or town means you have to visit new places. When entering onto a property you don’t own, you expect to be physically safe and secure. You rely on the property owner or manager to ensure that their apartment complexes, buildings, parking lots or stores do not pose any threat of injury, illness, or death.

Premises Liability Litigation Claims

Property owners and managers have certain legal obligations under local, state and federal statutes. If a property owner or manager fails to fulfill these obligations and a visitor on their property gets physically harmed, that person or group is liable. This means that they are legally responsible for a person’s injuries and the losses of a family.

Your Rights in Premises Liability Litigation

A plaintiff must prove that the property owner or manager either caused the unsafe or defective condition or that they knew or should have known about the property’s condition.

Premises liability cases can become involved and complex. It’s important to document everything about the sustained injury and the property conditions that lead to it. Owners and managers of both residential and commercial properties can be held accountable for their negligence.

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Construction Defect

Purchasing real estate is an investment and a dream for many. Whether the property is residential or non-residential, when you purchase a new property you trust that the construction of the property is stable. If you discover that your property is damaged due to negligence you may be entitled to a settlement

Construction Defect Claims

Construction defect claims can become very complex and the laws that are applied to construction litigation in Texas are continuously changing. In Texas, non-residential defect claims follow different procedures than residential defect claims. In a residential defect claim the plaintiff must exhaust the actions of the given statue before he or she initiates an action against the builder.

In both residential and non-residential construction defect, before the plaintiff takes a case to court or seeks arbitration they must determine both the source of the defect and whether negligence or poor workmanship caused the defect.

Your Rights in Construction Defect Claims

If you believe your property damage is due to a construction defect you must prove the wrongdoing of the defendant. To have a successful construction defect claim it is important to have a proper investigation and preparation by the plaintiff. The plaintiff must take necessary steps to defend their right to bring a claim against the wrongdoer. It is advised to have an expert provide preliminary evaluation before litigation.

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Real Estate Leases

Whether you are looking to rent out your garage apartment, sublet a leased property, rent an industrial space or rent a retail store space, the Borunda Law Firm can help. Leases run the gamut of simple to horrifying! Our lawyers have experience drafting, negotiating, amending and terminating leases. We know a land mine when we see one in a lease—a seemingly simple provision can result into complicated mess. Our attorneys are experts at identifying such terms in leases.

Commercial Leases

Commercial leases are highly complex and specific. A lease for a retail space will look quite different than a lease for an industrial or warehouse lease. Once you have identified the type of property to lease, we can assist you with outlining provisions that your lease must or must not contain. For example, if you are a small start up retailer who would like to be in a shopping center with high traffic, you want a lease for a retail center with big box anchors. If you will require inventory storage space or loading docks for your business, the lease must specify your access to the docks, hours of operation and parking limitations.

Residential Leases

Residential leases or subleases for landlords will vary depending on the owner of the property. Is the owner looking for a one-off lease? Is the owner an investor with a portfolio of investment properties? The terms of the leases can vary in flexibility based on the owner’s intentions for the property. Alternatively, tenants will want to limit the term of the lease based on their intention for the rental. Is this an interim property, or does the tenant want a long term lease? What happens if the tenant breaks the lease? Can you bring pets? How many? What size?

These are examples of the many questions we can identify and negotiate for your real estate leases.

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