Welcome to the Borunda Law Firm blawg!  We believe that our justice system, imperfect as it is, remains one of the key pillars that sustain our society.  It is a system that allows people to stand up for themselves and hold others accountable for wrongdoing, whether those others are individuals or Fortune 100 corporations.  It is a system that is largely responsible for the many advances in the safety of products that we take for granted today.  And it is a system that is constantly under attack by special interest groups and their lobbyists.  These groups, using their immense resources, seek to shape the justice system to their financially-motivated goals.  They do so, in part, by implementing highly sophisticated marketing campaigns to convince average Americans to support an erosion of their individual rights and protections…chief among them, the right to a trial by jury.  With this in mind, our blawg is dedicated to providing you with opinions, news, and other information about something we hold very dear…the law, the legal system, and why and how these things matter to you.